About us

Part of Romanian Commercial Services, most powerful industrial group in Romania, SC CAROMET SA begins the manufacturing process under the name of “Uzina de Constructii Metalice” (Metallic Construction Factory). The initial scope of work consists of: steel structures for industrial buildings fabrication, steel structures for solid fuel boilers fabrication, welded assemblies.

Currently, the following type of products are fabricated in CAROMET:

Excellence in industry


Located in the south-west of Romania, a region with an old industrial tradition, in the North-East part of the Caransebes Municipality, on the DN 68 road which connects the Caransebes Municipality with Hateg City, at 100 de km of the nearest International Airport (Timisoara International Airport), at about 100 – 150 km of the Danube Harbors (Moldova Noua, Orsova and Drobeta Turnu Severin), SC CAROMET SA was founded on 19.11.1969 by a Minister’s Council Decision.

Fabrication started on 01.06.1971 under the “Metallic Construction Factory”.

The initial scope of work consisted of:
-Steel structures for industrial buildings fabrication;
-Steel structures for solid fuel boilers fabrication;
-Welded assemblies.

The locomotive bogies fabrication started since 1973. Consequently, due to the high complexity requested by the new products, high skilled personnel was trained.

During this period, appeared the necessity to develop the auxiliary departments like: tooling, heat treatments, maintenance, compressor station, heating station, oxygen factory, water station, designing, etc.

In 1978, the construction of a new hall was approved, where since 1983 started the fabrication of hydro-mechanical equipment, hydro-turbines and small turbines for the Romanian hydro-power stations.

S.C CAROMET S.A. was born as commercial company in 1991 according to the Law 15/1990 through the Machine Building Factory reorganization, according to the Romanian Government Decision no. 1254/1990, having the fiscal code 1066631 and the State as majority shareholder.

Over the time, S.C. CAROMET S.A implemented the quality systems according to ISO 9001, SLV Munchen, TUV, EWF and in 1996 has been awarded with the 24th International Quality Trophy.

Starting with 01.07.2004, S.C. CAROMET S.A. was integrated in the Romanian Commercial Companies Group-Piatra Neamt, becoming a full private owned company.